Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Review


The Ringed City DLC is the second and final DLC for Dark Souls III, and it took me 11 hours, to finish it – but I continue to lust for more! As a finale, you’d expect this to be something of a grand send off which it does deliver, but where the game really shines is in it’s littlest moments that make this oh so memorable!

The game ties back in pretty well to the older series and if you’ve been following them you’ll really get a kick out of it, but even for those who haven’t played the previous parts, Dark Souls III, will let you pick up and play, without losing a beat.

The story revolves around your journey to the legendary Ringed City and it beings at Dreg Heap, a depressing ash covered ruin that seems to have collapsed onto itself and seeming stopped midway, giving it a menacing and towering presence that is enough to give you nightmares and leave you disoriented as you play the game. It’s nearly bordering on surreal, and that’s sure you give you sweaty palms while navigating the hellish structure.

There are several clues and lore references for those who may be invested in the backstories, but even for those who are not, like we said earlier, it’s quite a ride that boggles the mind with some rather direct and clues and references. There are several enemy types that you get to face off, some are imaginative and require you go head on against them and then some require you to think a little more tactfully and slow down the pace. Occasionally, it throws way too many enemies at you at once rather than setting up more interesting encounters.

It’s fun fighting a Harald knight, but when there are 3-4 of them with little buggers around you throwing projectiles, it’s not as much fun, and can get frustrating. You will face 4 main bosses in the game, more than any other such add-on for any game in the series–and confronting each is a blast. Nothing here is half-done, and it shows. As with the rest of the expansion, bosses here remix classic ideas and incorporate a bevy of new twists with the last duel being a well deserved poetic conclusion.

Overall, Dark Souls III: The Ringed City, is a short fun adventure, very much worthy of it’s DLC tag, if not much more than that! and brings in a much deserved end to the series. There are very few games that have ended their series on a high, and I can confidently say that, Dark Souls is one of them.

If you haven’t started the series yet, I would highly recommend it, but you’re not in any hurry to start, you may want to wait till April 21st, for, Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades GOTY Edition. This will include the base game as well as both expansions, Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City.