Grand Theft Auto V Review


Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived! While so many games promise so many things before being released, over time, one tends to become skeptical about how high a bar can really be raised, before it starts becoming stale. Well, with Grand Theft Auto V, they’ve just new standards.

Everything about the game screams quality and class. Right from the load up screen to the cut scenes, intro and gameplay, you can really tell the effort that has gone into this and it does not disappoint. We’ve all seen the trailers earlier, and I was mentally not prepared for it to be THIS good! Not only, for me, is Grand Theft Auto V the best of the franchise so far, it’s pretty much a shoe-in for the Game Druid’s Game of Year Award!

GTA V madness has arrived!!

Now that you know how awesome this game this, let’s get a little deeper and see how it scores in the various departments:


When it comes to graphics, Grand Theft Auto V really ups the ante. From the stunning sandbox that is Los Santos, to the finest details on the cars, clothes, guns, streetlights, walls to the characters themselves – Trevor, Michael and Franklin, the graphics are stunning on the aging consoles. If you have to choose between multiple platforms, I’d suggest going for the PC version (when it’s out – Nov 1st week), provided you have the rig for it, else, the PS3 version is the most hassle free way to play the game.


Now, gameplay is a very subjective matter and it tends to get better most of time, but not with Grand Theft Auto V. Right from the start, the controls, the environments, the missions and the ease at which you can switch characters along with the ability to do almost anything in a world that’s living and breathing; the gameplay has certainly set new standards on what sandbox games should be.

The incredible and vast open world of Los Santos, is home to almost anything you can imagine – catch a movie, take a dip in the pool, go around aimlessly, play a game of tennis, chill with your friends in a bar and if that’s too subtle for you; then get into the thick of the action – crash planes, trains, mountain bikes, parachute off insane heights, heart-stopping heist missions and non-stop ‘in your face’ action!. Yes, Grand Theft Auto V has no dearth of entertainment. Looks like gameplay & re-playability have been mastered and it’s simply at its finest.

Rockstar has also gone above and beyond to alleviate frustration in Grand Theft Auto V, with you now able to save anywhere at any time and preserve your progress, while mission checkpoints are evenly paced and always fair.


If you’re just playing GTA V for the story – and if you are, you’re frankly missing the point – there’s a good 25-30 hours of narrative-related missions, fairly evenly split between Franklin, Michael and Trevor. And it’s certainly eventful to say the least, but you’ll find no story spoilers here. What I will tell you is that the game’s heists are scripted and part of the overarching narrative, but how you approach them, and the crew you take along for the ride is down to you. The planning, the setup and then the big score itself is all part and parcel of the entire affair, which you can then replay at your leisure without affecting your progress. You can replay any mission and strive for a gold medal on each, by completing certain goals revealed after you complete the task for the first time. This adds a nice bit of additional replay value.


Now if you’ve played all the GTA games to date – you’ll know that sound has been a large part of the experience. With Grand Theft Auto V; they’ve just taken it up another notch. A typically fantastic soundtrack spun out across a whole range of radio stations. Only after extended play will you ever hear the same track twice, and the chat radio stuff is funny as always.

The only flaw that I’d call out is there’s not quite enough chat radio and not quite enough Lazlow. We love Lazlow and you love him too! But everything else from the score, the soundtrack and the exemplary voice acting; it’s what ties this game together.


While, we can’t review this now, as it’s yet to launch – October 1st – be sure watch for an update. But from what little we’ve seen, we’re going to give this maximum points well in advance.



Overall, this game is less surprising than you might like, because so much of it is precisely what you’d expect from a GTA game. That, combined with the game’s unique multi-character approach to storytelling, makes Grand Theft Auto V an exciting successor in the long-running franchise.

It’s been more than five years since Grand Theft Auto IV, but Grand Theft Auto V is most definitely worth the wait. Memorable missions, barnstorming heists, amusing side objectives and an almost impossibly immersive world to explore, make for the best Grand Theft Auto since Vice City and San Andreas. Rockstar has ensured that we’ll get to see out this generation with a bang, and Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect swansong. It’s a work of unbridled, flawless genius and a game that demands to be played to death.

In my view – the perfect game – has arrived.