‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ PC Review


Well, look who finally decided to give PC games a slice of the console experience. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, finally makes it’s PC debut AND it is AWESOME! It runs smoother, faster, lesser frame rate issues and overall is a much better version than the console. If you already own or played the console version, don’t bother with this, but for those on the PC with a decent rig (we’ve got the specs laid out for you later), this game will blow your mind!

The story revolves around kidnapping..yeah, all good games have someone kidnapped..anyway, the assassination of a recovering country’s leader sends Raiden, a cyborg ninja, after a terrorist cell that’s kidnapping kids and infiltrating America’s political infrastructure. His goal…is to eliminate them all and stop the madness. Simple as it sounds, it’s fairly convoluted, as the plot goes quickly out of control. But you’re not going to be playing this for the story are you? The action is where it’s at. Although the action does get interrupted from time to time by the fairly long cutscenes… but you’ll live through them, or you could just skip them and still stay on top of the story.

If you didn’t already know, The protagonist is called Raiden, and he’s a cyborg that wields a bad-ass sword. One thing you’ll notice in the game is that Raiden is never short on moves or combinations. The smooth flowing combat structure with the simple controls make this game so much more enjoyable than it seems initially. Yes! get a controller for this game, the Keyboard and mouse combo will only lead you to a path of frustration.

The light and heavy attacks have a natural chemistry that makes every sword slash feel empowering, so combat never feels like you’re budgeting quick but weak strikes vs. slow and strong ones. Each combo flows into the next with grace: lifts, knock-downs, stuns, spin-kicks, aerial juggles, and other specialized attacks feel as fantastic as they look. Raiden’s exaggerated acrobatics is almost musical and hypnotic to watch. If you enjoy this, you’ll be in for a treat when you enter Blade Mode. Raiden also has the ability to slow down time, not sure if it’s him slowing down time, or going into a zen mode where he’s faster than everyone else; but that lets you pull off some amazing combos and lets you decapitate hands, legs, eyes, skills, fingers and what not, either in multiples or in singularity, whatever catches your fancy.

Boss fights are good, not great, but just good. You almost get to fight one every hour or so, and some of them are larger than life, and some require secondary weapons to defeat. This is what takes the fun out of the game. Alternate weapons replace one of your two normal attack buttons, which neuters katana combos. On top of that, alternating between two weapons doesn’t flow together as well as the evolving sword strikes. The other downside to the game is the camera angles, this can mean the difference between planning your next move or even identifying yourself on the screen. The final downside to the game (there are many more, but too little to call out), is the larger weapons you get, require you to fully stop what you’re doing and change, no on the fly changes – which really goes against the fast pace action the game sets for itself.

Our Verdict

Having said all that, the game itself is fantastic! The PC adds so much more than the consoles, especially from a visual standpoint, that it’s almost like a fresh experience itself. However, like I said earlier, if you’ve played this on the console earlier, don’t bother. BUT..if you’ve not played the DLCs, this might be a good option to buy online for just under INR 2000, as the PC version comes with all the unlocks and DLCs.


Our Test System

Processor: Intel Core i5-3350P

Motherboard: ASRock H77M LGA 1155 Intel H77

Ram: G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB)

Graphics Card: The Radeon R9 270

As you can see our system isn’t brand new, but still churns out all details on the game very well!