‘Rings’ Review


Those who watch this tape are subjected to a horrifying death in 7 days! What a plot! Either way, this franchise which was so filled with a very unique form of horror (die through a VHS tape!), should have stayed dead.

When Ringu, the 1998 Japanese horror movie directed by Hideo Nakata, scared audiences on a global scale with its tale of a cursed videotape that killed anyone who watched it. Gore Verbinski directed 2002’s American remake, which stayed true to the original version did pretty well at the box office, and set the movie up really well. The sequel, Ring 2, did pretty well for itself, and it set the movies apart from the other horror genres.

Now, a dozen years later, we have this crap. The opportunity to reinvent the franchise, and they bring the ring (see what I did there?) into the age of file sharing. Which isn’t necessarily a bad idea – but it was a complete sham, which was riddled with bad direction, acting and characters. The movie stars Alex Roe, who plays the lead role of Holt, a dude who leaves home for college, breaking the heart of his high-school sweetie Julia, played Matilda Lutz. The characters never get a chance to develop properly and then the web-cam romance of theirs really makes it even more sick.

Holt is soon embroiled with Leonard Hof…oh sorry…Gabriel Brown (Johnny Galecki, of The Big Bang Theory fame), a professor who’s been secretly studying the video in question to unlock the key to immortality and offer up his students as human sacrifices. Galecki has a wicked glint that the script never allows him to put to use. I could only see Leonard’s stupid antics just blow up in his face all through the movie.

Overall, the lame characters, and plot, is enough for this movie to be summarized, by a prominent text that’s shared between the characters “Don’ Watch it” – and that’s the best advice we can give you.